Cape Hillsbrough National Park

Why Storytellers?


Photography is emotional. You want your audience to feel something upon viewing. You want them not only to see the story within, you want them to react. It can be a soft and gentle reaction, they could feel happy, surprised, sad or completely jarred by your images and anywhere in between. You are telling a story, your story. What drew you to capture that moment, why you chose that subject and how did you end up with the final presentation? That is your story.

Be Inspired  Be Motivated  Be There!

Mackay Camera Group and Creative Shots Photo Club are hosting the PSQ 2020 Photography convention bringing together a wide diversity of speakers, vendors and you.

Whether you are a beginner photo enthusiastic, more advanced or an established professional you will be inspired and motivated about your photography. Speakers will focus on everything from travel, landscapes, time-lapse, portraits, wildlife, drones and the more artistic areas. There will sure to be something to spark your interest.

The convention will offer educational workshops, shooting events, photo walks and master classes. On the 3rd May you will want to attend the optional Gala Dinner which incorporates the PSQ Salon of Excellence photography awards, a time to put on the gala rags and celebrate with old and new photography friends.

The great thing about a photography conference is that you leave with the fire ignited within. You will have the tools and education to adventure out and create whatever you imagine.


Over the long weekend of May 2020, the event begins with the opening late afternoon of the 1st May and concludes around midday on Monday 4th May, 2020

Don't delay, book your tickets now.