This is all about you.

A time for you to see and develop your vision. A place for you to listen to exciting speakers, learn from the best and get social with like minded people. Keep your eye on this page as the events get closer to view or download the  PSQ 2020 Program Schedule.

Venue - St Patrick's College Auditorium

2 Gregory Street, Mackay

Opening Night -  FRIDAY 1st May 5.00pm, through to MONDAY 4th May, 1.00pm 2020

Mackay City

SATURDAY 2nd May 2020 

Registrations open at 8.00am - Conference Welcome and Opening 8.45am

2020 draft Convention Program is subject to change


  • 5.00PM  Opening Event - Nibbles in the Courtyard    
  • 6.00pm  Sunset photo opportunity along the Pioneer River


  • 8.00AM    Registration opens
  • 8.45AM    Welcome and opening
  • 9.00AM     Keynote Speaker talk - Glenn McKimmin
  • 10.00AM    Morning Tea
  • 10.30AM    World Adventure and Drones - Rod Thomas
  • 11.30AM     Mackay Architecture  -  Darryl Wright
  • 12.00PM    Lunch
  • 1.00PM      Photographing Wildlife and Nature - Gary Cranitch
  • 2.00PM      Leg stretch and short break
  • 2.15PM       Night Photography - David Magro
  • 3.15PM       Afternoon Tea
  • 4.00PM     Workshops to choose from:

                     Drone Workshop (Limit of 20) - Rod Thomas 

           Exhibiting your work - Glenn McKimmin

                            Photographing Wildlife & Nature - Gary Cranitch 

                        Milky Way setup for night shoot - David Magro

                                      Creative Photo Art  (Limit of 20)  - Jacqueline Hammer

                  Entering Photo Competitions - Justin Blank

          Processing with Damo - Damian Walls

  • 5.00PM         PSQ AGM
  • 6.30PM         Optional Dinner and evening event

            Light painting  - David Magro                

Sunday 3rd May 2020

  • 5.30AM      Cape Hillsbrough Sunrise Shoot  -  Glenn and Rod   
  • 8.00AM      Registration Opens    
  • 8.30AM       Finding the emotion in your work - Glenn McKimmin
  • 9.00AM       Stories in still life - Jacqueline Hammer
  • 10.00AM     Morning Tea
  • 10.30AM      Story Art - Karen Alsop
  • 11.30AM       Q&A with Karen - Karen Alsop
  • 12.00PM      Lunch
  • 1.00PM        Travel and Photo Comp - Justin Blank
  • 2.00PM        Leg stretch & short break
  • 2.15PM         Pet Photography with Diana - Diana Leventhal
  • 3.15PM         Afternoon tea 
  • 4.00PM       Workshops to choose from:

                  Workshop with Brendan - Brendan Borellini

     Portraits for Charity - Dean Holland

    Workshop with Karen - Karen Alsop

          Exhibiting your work - Glenn McKimmin

                    Drone Workshop  (Limit of 20) - Rod Thomas

                            Emotional Wedding and Portraiture - Justin Blank

         Processing with Damo - Damien Walls

                               Creative Photo Art (Limit 20) - Jacqueline Hammer

  • 5.00PM        PSQ Opening Meeting
  • 7.00PM        Optional Gala Dinner & SEQ Awards


  • 5.30AM         Lamberts Beach Sunrise  Shoot - Glenn McKimmin 
  • 8.30AM         Registration Opens
  • 9.30 AM        Dean Holland - Dean Holland
  • 10.30AM       Morning Tea
  • 11.00AM        Blind Photography - Brendan Borellini
  • 12.00PM       Final talk from Glenn - Glenn McKimmin
  • 12.30PM       Wrap up with presenters 
  • 1.00PM         Closing thank you
  • 1.15PM          Lunch and farewells

Downloadable Conference Program Schedule

PSQ 2020 Program (pdf)


Download Optional Events Information Details

PSQ2020 Events Info Ver 02 (docx)