Conference Presenters

We have a wonderful lineup of outstanding speakers again this year. Please read their exciting stories on what inspires and drives them in their craft. 

Introducing our Speakers


glenn mckimmin - keynote speaker


Glenn Mckimmin is a professional landscape photographer from Australia with 15 years of diverse industry experience. He loves what he does for a living and generously helps others discover the life-changing benefits of photography.

Glenn and his camera have captured awe-inspiring images across a spectrum of countries including New Zealand, Slovenia, Bhutan, Canada, Ireland, England, Turkey, Syria, Norway, Austria, France, Italy, Mongolia, Kamchatka, India, Sri Lanka, UAE and the USA. When he’s not covered in colour at India’s Holi festival, Glenn loves to shoot local – Australian coastal and alpine scenes underpin his portfolio.

The accomplishments extend beyond a stunning suite of images – Glenn manages several pioneering businesses within the photographic industry, all geared toward appreciating the dynamic art of photography.

He’s Director of Created for Life, a specialist printing and framing lab. He’s also Founding Director of Fotoworkshops, an Aussie-based luxury photo tour company he launched in 2008. To date, Glenn has arranged savvy experts to lead photo tours to more than 25 colourful, pristine or wild countries across the globe.

In 2018, Glenn founded Aperture Australia, the country’s first, (and the hemisphere’s largest) immersive photography conference. He believes there are lessons to be learnt from every level of experience – so, as Director, he’s placing amateur talent and award-winning photographers in one room to boost the industry as a whole.

As a proud Fuji X Ambassador and Chromajet Ambassador, Glenn is focused on building a colourful legacy. His actions illustrate a commitment to sharing knowledge of the craft with others, rather than simply collecting trophies for the shelf. Once a passionate rugby player planning to work in PR, Glenn has now established a trademark photographic style shaped by his time training with industry legends. One of the greatest influencers was his uncle – panoramic landscape photographer Ken Duncan. After many hours waiting in the wilderness, Ken taught Glenn the grand reward of persistence: when everyone else has given up, you stay put to capture that golden shot!

Originally from Manly, Sydney, Glenn now calls the beautiful Central Coast home. Based in the beachside suburb of Terrigal, he finds daily inspiration on his doorstep… plus many opportunities to play soccer with his awesome son, Xavier! But his work is also motivated by a family tragedy – losing his sister to suicide. To fathom a world without Cherie, Glenn learnt to feel his way day by day from behind the lens. Today, Glenn considers his finest work a tribute to her beauty and the unimaginable power of the medium to create a connection where it may otherwise be lost.

As a lifelong supporter of the natural world, 

Glenn wants his photographs to highlight a special, forgotten innocence, with the ultimate hope of encouraging us to take better care of the breathtaking world right under our feet – because you genuinely never know when it might be ripped from beneath you.


dean holland


dean holland





dean holland

Karen Alsop is an international award winning Australian, Melbourne based photographic digital artist.
Expanding on two decades of photographic and graphic design experience, Karen brings photography and art together to create stunning artworks that tell a story and
take the viewer into another world.

Specialising in Portrait Art, her digital portraiture captures the personality and character of her subjects by placing them within a visual story highlighting their interests. Karen uses the power of Photoshop to composite multiple captures together, making the impossible possible within her art.

The Heart Project, founded in January 2016 by Karen, sees her using her compositing skills to give children with severe disabilities the wings to fly. The Heart Project is bringing hope worldwide to children and families through the power of photography.







Jacqueline Hammer is a passionate creative photographer living in Cairns. A busy mother of four, photography has had to fit around family life. Starting out in nature photography, she moved on to abstract, creative and conceptual photoart. Her learning path has been one of experimentation with techniques and ideas, primarily for enjoyment, photographic competition and self-improvement.

She has had success in numerous national and international competitions, gained distinctions with the Australian Photographic Society and FIAP, been published in photography and art magazines, given talks, workshops, and judged at local and national level.

Jacqueline has a passion to create, whether it be a tabletop still life, macro abstract or a conceptual composite in Photoshop. There is often an element of mystery and intrigue, when the viewer tries to work out what or where the subject is, or perhaps a touch of humour to make the viewer smile.


Diana Leventhal

Diana Leventhal

Diana Leventhal



I’m Diana

My love for animals goes without saying. And I hope my love for art is apparent too. But you know what else I love? I love people. I feel that it’s an honor and a privilege to get to work with so many kind and loving pet owners, such as yourself.

If you had asked me when I was younger if I thought I’d be a dog photographer one day I’d have thought you were a bit batty, but now I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Photographing animals and the people who love them fill my heart and soul every day.

I am looking forward to sharing my passion with you.

10 Random Facts

I love coffee. Can’t start my day without it!

My fave interior designs are mid century modern but I also love contemporary and industrial. 

I wanted to be a nurse or a vet growing up. The job I have now is close to the second one, only way better! 

I was a legal pa for over 20 years.

My most endearing habit is I love to chat. (Call me!)

I get to hang out with my dogs at home all day and feel so lucky because of it.

I’m an empath. When you lose your pets, I feel it too.

My fave food is anything high in calories LOL but that’s a treat. 

I love watching TLC shows like Handmaids Tale, Outlander, and Heartland, and I also love romantic comedies. 

I am all about health and fitness and I train every day.


Instagram: @k9photography



Diana Leventhal

Diana Leventhal


Justin (JB) Blank

Justin Blank is the Manager for Photography and Videography for

Hamilton Island, Queensland, Australia.

Justin is a Master of Photography with Australia’s largest photographic

body the Australian Institute of Photography which is better known as the AIPP.

He was also the recipient of the Epson Queensland AIPP Travel

Photographer of the Year for 2016 and has one multiple awards for his photography over the past 10 years.

Justin continues in his role as the lead photographer for Hamilton

Island the most popular wedding destination in Australia that hosts between 250 and 300 weddings each and every year.

He currently leads a team of wedding and portrait photographers and videographers and has personally photographed over 1000 weddings during his time with Hamilton Island Photography.

When relaxing Justin likes to indulge his passion for travel and travel photography having traveled extensively internationally with trips most recently to Japan, Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Whilst on Hamilton Island Justin also runs the local Camera Club where he teaches the Island staff and residents the joys and artistry of photography.

When not traveling the world, shooting weddings or teaching students Justin also writes his own Travel Photography Blog.

Most recently Justin achieved his Remote Pilots Qualifications from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia.

You can reach Justin at and you can view some of his most recent work and awards at the website below.


Gary Cranich

Diana Leventhal

Gary Cranich

Gary Cranitch

Gary has worked as a wildlife photographer at the QLD Museum for 36 years. His work has been published in Australian Geographic, Popular Science, New Scientist, National Geographic online and numerous other publications and journals across the world. He has also contributed to the QLD

Museum extensive range of natural history publications. His achievements include

2008 AIPP Australian Science and Nature Photographer of the Year

2015 Eureka Prize for Science Photography and Principal Photographer

The Great Barrier Reef-A QLD Museum Discovery Guide.

Gary collaborates regularly with organizations such as The Great Barrier Reef Foundation, ReefCheck

Australia, BushBlitz, Earthwatch and Queensland parks and Wildlife Service. He also runs workshops and presentation on underwater photography and Digital Asset Management.

Years judging: 11

Instagram: garycranitchphotography


Brenden borellini

Brenden borellini

Brenden borellini

Brenden Borellini has been an inclusive arts advocate and creator with Crossroad Arts for 9 years. He has worked across various projects as an actor, workshop facilitator, photographer and researcher. As Crossroad Arts’ Ambassador and Artist in Residence, he has also travelled to Japan and the United States where he exhibited his 2D and 3D photographic works. Furthermore, Brenden collaborated in the creation of a film called When Brenden met Hiroe, which was shortlisted at the SuperFest International Film Festival in San Francisco.  

Brenden was born profoundly deaf and lost his sight at age 9, and has had to overcome many difficulties throughout his life. He successfully pursued his education at the Special Education Unit for the visually impaired students at Cavendish Road High school in Brisbane and went on to become the first deafblind student to integrate into the community. He then studied Sociology at the University of Queensland. Brenden received the prestigious ‘Young Australian of the Year Award’ for his incredible achievements.  

Brenden hopes to pursue his talents by continuing his artistic and cultural endeavours in collaboration with the community. He believes everyone should have the opportunity to express themselves through the arts and share their stories with the world. He says he has been afforded many opportunities by opening up his artistic works to the world, and believes everyone is able to learn about the value of artistic and cultural purposes.

Crossroad Arts website 



rod thomas

Brenden borellini

Brenden borellini


Born and raised on The Central Coast, NSW, Australia, I was lucky enough to get my first camera at age 15 to take pictures of my mates surfing. It was from that moment I knew I wanted to be a photographer of some sort. As time went on I gradually brought more camera gear and sold some older equipment to fund my camera addiction. I travelled to Europe when I was 25 years old and that only enhanced what I wanted to do.. and that was take photos.

I returned from this trip and brought a Linhof 617SIII which is a specialised panoramic film camera and I was in love again. I never fell out of love with photography, but using this camera made me appreciate it more as it was fully manual. It had no batteries, no metering system and it really made you stop and think about what you were doing when taking photos.. I loved it. Family life was getting busier in my late 20's and this camera was just sitting around, so I sold it. Something I still regret to this day.

Now using the Panasonic S1H and a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone, I am moving more into the video side of things and I love it. 

Throughout my life I have been fortunate to travel extensively throughout Australia and overseas, to explore new places and to show other keen photographers the world as I see it. I really take pleasure from showing people around and seeing their enjoyment and excitement as they get to photograph it all, from the soft beauty of the Tuscan light to the forever-epic Northern Lights and the thrills of storm chasing in Tornado Alley. I cannot tell you how happy it makes me when I see in their faces the excitement of when they 'got the shot' they came for.

Some places I have visited numerous times such as Slovenia, Lofoten Islands and the USA, I just cannot get enough of their beauty and what they offer to photographers. I am still exploring new places and I don't think that will ever end. Having recently returned from an Arctic Expedition with epic scenery, amazing light and an amazing collection of animals including Polar Bears, Seals, Walrus and Whales I am more than keen to get back there and to other new locations.

Along with some tales of my world adventures, I can’t wait to share with you some what I have learnt about drones and how they are changing the way I work and see the world. 

IG : rodthomas_visuals

David Magro is an Australian photographer specialising in capturing the night sky. His interest in n


Brenden borellini



David Magro is an Australian photographer specialising in capturing the night sky. His interest in night photography first began growing up in Glen Innes watching meteor showers, eclipses and the stars from his backyard. Years later, David would begin photographing the night sky and creatively produce landscape photographs blending art with science. 

David's dedication has awarded him the 2019 2nd place Australian Aperture Emerging Photographer of the Year, 2018 Australian Ambassador for SanDisk and WD and the 2017 Exposure Photographer of the Year. David's work has been published by the BBC, The Australian and many other publications.

In 2017, David was awarded the Exposure Photographer of the Year for his photograph "Field of Stars". His photograph is publicly displayed as a mural on Wyong Road, Central Coast. In addition, it is currently on display at Erina and Gosford library.

A dedication to showcasing science and art, David has exhibited at The KAB Gallery, The SPACE Gallery, Deluxe Prints, The Art House and many other locations.

David's philosophy is to enjoy the stars. He does this by providing awareness to the night sky and encouraging others to take time to enjoy the stars. It is a creative challenge David continues to pursue by creating visually surreal scenes with long exposure photography.

David's background in science and science teaching has motivated him to teach photographers and hobbyists his technical and unique editing skills. David has presented at schools, photography clubs, events and he has developed The Masterclass which he has travelled around Australia teaching with astounding results.

The Masterclass was developed to teach everything about photography and editing the night sky with in-field guidance, take-home guides and hours of online tutorials. It provides clear instructions on how to create photographs easily. A Masterclass Facebook support group also provides critique and help with continually updated content.

David is a science and technology enthusiast, a friend, traveller and he enjoys pancakes on a Sunday.

Instagram @davidjmagro



DAmian Walls

DAmian Walls

DAmian Walls

Damian developed a love for photography in 2009 while traveling around Mackay region and taking in its beautiful scenery. While he mainly focuses on Portrait Photography, Damian is also an avid landscape photographer and has a handful of his images on display in businesses around Mackay. He has also taken out the Mackay Show 2018 Champion Colour Print and Creative Shots Photo Club Inc. Highest Overall Points Winner 2017 and 2018.

Having spent more than 7 years working as digital print technician with a local picture framing company, Damian has learnt a lot about getting the most out of images in Photoshop and Lightroom. He has hosted several workshops for both Creative Shots Photo Club Inc. and Mackay Camera Group Inc. over the past 3 years on Lightroom, Photoshop, Photo Printing, Composition, Night photography and Photography Basics.

Instagram: @damophotomky


Daryl Wright

DAmian Walls

DAmian Walls


Daryl started with the Mackay Daily Mercury as a contract photographer in November 1983, documenting the highs and lows of news and sport around the area.

Freelancing for News Ltd, the Brisbane Sun and national magazines, he moved into aerial, commercial and industrial photography.

In 1984 Daryl joined ACCOR (Australian Army, Accredited Correspondents Corp), and covered defence exercises throughout northern Australia until 1993.

In November 1988, Daryl became Chief Photographer of the Daily Mercury, until he returned to self employment with his business WRICOR Photography in 1999.

With leave from the Daily Mercury, Daryl covered major events in South East asia throughout the 90's, including elections, coups and insurgencies in Cambodia, The Philippines,Thailand, and the British handover of Hong Kong in 1997.

Daryl's Photography from 1999 to the present includes news coverage for News Ltd, Fairfax, Bloomberg (Hong Kong), Reuters and national magazines.

Aerial Photography via Plane, Helicopter and Drone of shipping, both inshore and at the outer edge of the great barrier reef, is regular, with real estate, road/rail survey and mine photography also keeping him in the air.

Performing Arts photography, stretching from Dire Straights in 1984, Cliff Richard, Stevie Wonder, Jimmy Barnes, the late Chrissie Amphlett through to coverage of the national KISS tour have tested his lighting techniques.

Daryl has documented architecture, Demolished and Emerging, in Mackay for the last 40 years and has a keen interest in promoting the photography of buildings and structures to all photographers.